Thursday, January 29, 2015

Crochet hearts

Making these was definitely a case of teaching an old dog new tricks.
 I had to actually follow a pattern, gasp! there is a lot of increasing and decreasing stitches to get just the right heart shape ♥
who knew? 
I think they make a lovely handmade feeling garland

Valentines is on the way! this would make such a lovely gift.
 As always you can pick up this garland and other handmades by yours truly
Check it out.
Happy thursday

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hybrid vigour

Also called Heterozygote Advantage, is of course the scientific notion that plants/animals/humans from opposing genetic backgrounds,combined create a much stronger, healthier resilient species.
When I look at baby M I cant help but see all the races of people that flow together to create this little being.
From the straight black hair and dark almond shaped eyes of his Guaymi indian grandmother, to the roundness of his lips and nose from his afro-carribbean grandfather, to the traces of italian, russian and Jewish,
 he is, as my sister says "simply exotic"
We call him the little indian around here, 
and we love him to death.

Someday he might really resent me for that haircut, but for now he looks like a native little Lord Fauntleroy and I love it.
Happy Wednesday

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Legend of Zion

Zi was quiet and busy over the weekend,and when I overheard him asking his dad to help him build a sword, I was relieved to hear him agree. They shaved and cut one wood piece for a long time, I came downstairs to check on them and saw Z had sketched out a sword prototype, along with the creation of "The legend of Zion!" it was so very sweet, my big/little 10 year old, still lost in the world of play and imagination.
I asked him if I could snap some pics of him and his new (and very long) sword

This kid loves archery, swords, knights, narnia,  and adventure.
I am so glad that for now its not nintendo, superman and ipads.
Happy monday