Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hearts ♥

February means HEARTS, and valentines and I love you's, and pinks and reds, and the feeling that spring and hope
are on the horizon.
We have finally packed away every last piece of xmas and winter decor, and are working on
for our windows:

our fridge

valentines diy project, not yet revealed...

and handmade paper heart banner for our living room


lastly kids get to eat their cereal out of their heart bowls the entire month
if they so choose
Have a heartfilled friday!

Is it

Is it still January?
Thats what I thought, so here is this beautiful picture to get you through 
then I have some fun things for February ♥♥(you guessed it, involves hearts)♥♥
Happy thursday

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Getting some sleep

In case I had neglected to mention, our Mexico trip, although lovely and perfect in every way, was marred by some of the most agonizing sleep deprivation of our lives, sun sand sea, kids high needs, then rest, you say? think again.
Does my tiredness show here perhaps?

After this trip came our return, still no sleep, still a baby waking about 10 times a night, 
then came the flu, with no rest for the wicked, high fevers, and middle of the night needs needs needs.....
-then, one fantastic craniosacral session later- 
and maybe a reset button pushed for all of us?
Happy wednesday ♥

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Goings on





Happy tuesday, dare I say we are all over the flu?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Babies and beauty

Two stunning little ones for your saturday ♥

No sew birthday banner

I decided around Zions birthday that I would be making one of these for each of my children this year, to keep for their birthday parties

I really enjoyed picking out the beautiful fabrics at  fabricate, our very well stocked neighborhood fabric shop
I used pinking shears, fabric glue, and a free hand.
These beautiful turquoise painted mangrove sticks in Mexico
 provided the perfect backdrop.
Happy friday!
 I am better, but still my body hurts, and sleep is completaly elusive.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Flu and a Shadowbox

We are all still down and out, with the addition of poor Zion who is feeling awful as well.
I don't think I have done so little in years.....
Here is one small project I was able to work on before fully succumbing to this evil flu.
Shadowbox, a perfect way to preserve momento's of our Mexican vacation ~

And some of this beautiful white sand we brought back

Have a healthy thursday, I know where we will be spending ours, 
in bed!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fever n' Ague

Though we have a wicked evil superflu, and probably not malaria, it sure feels like it is.
Imani started out the weekend with a horrible high fever and body ache, and I am now right behind her.
How many more of us will be down for the count?
Stay tuned.....
wishing you a healthier Wednesday then we are having!

Monday, January 21, 2013

In our house

Here we are again! 
 new things in our house: 
this beautiful frame made with reclaimed fabric from India, when I saw it I knew just the pic 
 that would look amazing in here

This neat sailboat Tee on soft Pima cotton
 New plane alert! both the boys love it

 Baby M finally gets a b-day gift

and Imani's  little new red and white polka dot tea set,
couldent be cuter, and a better price, 3$

Whats new in your home?

Weekend recap and a cupcake for baby M

We are back from our great Mexican getaway, thankful to have gotten the chance to sun, bathe, breathe and rest, we are fortified and ready to face the remaining months of winter! (not really actually wishing it were spring...) This weekend we decided to have a little cupcake soiree for baby M, give our family the chance to wish him happy 1 !

I made THIS colorful lentil stew, in case you didnt know this about us, we eat lentil stew every single saturday, disregarding Zions's loud wails of "but I haaaate lentils"

Imani squeezes her baby bro, this is before she spikes a super high fever for the rest of the weekend

I try to find time to work on THIS project, nearly impossible with a whole house to clean, suitcases to unpack and no food in the house

Happy Martin Luther King Day 
have a great one