Friday, February 26, 2016


Blue stucco wall. Her.
off grandpa's wharf
picking strawberry guava's after our afternoon with friends at wizard beach
grandpa and Zi, be still my heart how i love these two.
incredible old "gingerbread" style wood house in Bocas town.
buddies , zeze and M
love this, piggy and a boat with panama flags
if you have an old sink....
taking a morning hike up to luminares farm to pick a jackfruit
patchouli plant
picking jackfruit
we found this coiled vine, a perfect crown!
getting cornrowed
love that swirly one in the middle 

Happy friday

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Coral cay

The morning started out sunny and peaceful on our deck, we ate breakfast and jumped in grandpas boat to go snorkel and eat a seafood lunch

We had a blissed out day
Happy weekend

Thursday, February 18, 2016

 A few moments from the last few days. We are nearing the end of our house to do/to fix lists, hoping for good weather so we can enjoy now (it has been raining muchisimo) and be with family and friends more, it was a scramble there,  and not over yet.
we have managed lovely moments in between, here we walked to justina beach and hubby collected welk shells to cook with dumplings and coconut milk, we brought my friend Nicole's two boys, whom we have been getting to hang with lots :)
some early morning watercoloring
basil on its way on our deck

Happy friday! hard to believe it has only been exactly two weeks since we got here.