Monday, March 31, 2014

Colorful houses

Are you kidding me? look at all these amazingly colorful houses , its like a competition to see who can paint theirs a more beautiful color. I am happy

And our beautiful green one, we seem to have a thing for green houses?

Wishing you a beautiful colorful day

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Another day in the life

To all you sweet friends inquiring about baby M, sorry to have left you hanging, he seems to get burning evening/night fevers if he has had too much sun, we are working on(forcing) him to wear hats and keeping him out of the hot sun.
Yesterday we woke up to cool cloudy grey, a blessed relief.
Since we now have about a gazillion ripe bananas, I pulled out my dehydrator

we have equal amounts of guavas, i am practicing making fruit leathers
next time strain out seeds, delicious and the kids loved it though, going to try mango next
there are a lot of little ones again in our tiny grouping of houses, M is in love with Kenessly
I am too
Hubby has been frying these for breakfast with plantains, eaten with a squeeze of lemon..mhh
making gifts for our friends back home (crankily)
we walked out to the point to watch Z surfing with his cousins, so beautiful, and so proud of him, he has incredible drive to get good, and is developing mighty upper body strength 

walking on water
i wish my camera captured just how vibrant these colors actually are

daddy daughter playing in the tide pools looking for shells

Wishing you a peaceful  relaxed sunday 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

An evening out to sea

The days have been hot hot hot, more sun then you could ever want, and a surprise for here
 on the equatorial belt, where we usually get weeks of rain on end, or at least sun and then rain intermittently.
Global warming is manifesting itself here with many more dry and sunny days, it is so hot in town and in our house during the day, we find ourselves searching out the sea, over and over again.
This was a peaceful beautiful day with the cousins on the beach, we decided to stop and fish in the bay on our way home,the light was golden

fishing line wrapped around an old plastic bottle
The bay was so still and quiet, all you could hear was the birds and the bugs, and the soft lapping of the waves on the boat
we caught a flying fish and let it go

my 3 littles
Life of Pi? 
a mangrove island

heading home

Early morning, and golden dusk are my favorite times of day
I wish they could last forever....
Happy saturday