Saturday, November 30, 2013

What November looks like

I am doing my best to be present and conscious of the winter months, not just ignore them and wish them away.
Everything is brown now, the last dry leaves are falling to the ground.
The earth is going still and dormant.
We are still outside playing, we are still striving to find beauty around us.

We are still dreaming of taking flight,
leaving the cold behind and stepping out into a warm moist world
we still are wishing, wishing for the ocean.
We are also being,
surrendering to November, here, in the plains near the rocky mountains.

As they say in Panama:
"Everything is just for a time"

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving decorations

We are certainly creative, but not that innovative.
Every thanksgiving we make some variation on these paper turkeys, 
the kids trace their sweet little hands and color them in.
They make the perfect cheerful handmade place setting for your turkey table, should you happen to be hosting (I am)

these tiny wood dowels with a block base made the perfect stand

thxgiving table prototype ( yes we are so excited, we are practicing setting the table,ok?)

Imani gets carried away and plays a "turkey game",turkeys being the protagonists.
turkeys end up ON the plates.

Happy Tuesday! 
are you getting excited about thanksgiving yet?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Birthday skate

Yesterday was Z's 9th birthday party, his third at the rink.
Whats a mother to do with a big boy and a cold weather birthday?
I better figure it out soon, as i have another little son with a winter one...

cousins and brother in law,nieces  and second cousins, had fun
Second cousins
baby M,miserable and starting to burn with fever,
yup, fun times!
homemade (at 10.30 pm the night before) carrot cake
the kids were not excited about it, the adults loved it.
(note to self: next year do not attempt anything wholesome or homemade with love, just head straight to  the nearest k.Soopers and buy the most additive filled, artificial cake they have, the kids will love it, and you for it)

baby M, fully out by now

purple bug martina

This boy had a blast,that's all that matters.
Baby M is better
 mama is counting down the number of birthdays she has left to pull off,
and fantasizing about tropical islands, and travel, in a land that has no birthdays.
Happy Monday