Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer things

My family will tell you that ALL we've been doing  so far this summer is gardening, and they would be partially right...I have undertaken the landscaping of the very barren front yard.
Some back sorry on our house: apparently one of the original families who owned it had the most enviable garden on the block, it then passed into the hands of a single man who died, and left his girlfriend and her teenage daughters here. They neglected and devastated most of the yard and house before it went into foreclosure, can we say two whole years without watering? yes we can. The yard was one giant patch of thistles. Not much survived them.
I am busy amending all the soil, re-seeding the grass, and adding as many perennials as I can.
Here: snap dragons
Hosta's for shade
Delphiniums and Phlox
roses where here
made these beds
since it is summer break, and little people are the B word, bored, a pre-assembled art project in a box, fun!
new plants=new babies
the rose garden by the pool, Imani was awed
farmers market succulents, I too have joined the craze
In fact i had hubby build me this shelf right outside our front door to house them all
making fresh tea from our bushy thriving mint plants
I have callused hands and a tired back, but I am glad to be working this earth, this yard that finally belongs to us, and coaxing it into something beautiful, 
As the saying goes: "the best time to plant a tree was yesterday,the second best time is today" 
Happy gardening, happy wednesday