Saturday, April 26, 2014

Panama City: last days

 Zion and I FINALLY got to visit the Afro- Antillean museum in Panama City, after all these years.

Even though these guys have spent 6 weeks in the ocean, apparently a swimming pool is still great fun
M refuses floaties, and has to be held like this, sigh
we took a trip to the fish market, I had been wanting to take Z for years
lets just say there is more ceviche, and types of ceviche then you could ever dream up

clams, mmh
 the fish market gates,how awesome
black clam and shrimp ceviche, delicious 
Imani  was not impressed with it

beautiful grass along the cinta costera, the sidewalk that borders the ocean
city scape, the  city is on the pacific side, such a different ocean, it even smells different
and a beautiful skyline, this city has

I should mention that although looking beautiful, miss Imani and all of us really were incredibly exhausted, having taken the long nightbus from the islands to the city, hence none of us sleeping at all.
I am looking at beautiful Casco Antiguo, a Unesco world heritage site, the most ancient, and beautiful old part of the city
his little brown hand on me, pure sugar
 just playing with daddy's fingers, keeping up his reputation as the chillest kid on earth

Goodbye Panama! 
My love and appreciation of this country and its people has only grown stronger, my childrens connection to their homeland too, we feel so lucky to have been able to be there, and for so long.
Thank you all who have followed in our adventures, and  enjoyed taking this journey home with us, 
although sad, we are looking forward to getting back to gardening, and enjoying spring and summer up north~