Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Daddy Time

 I have been struggling lately to find beauty in my surroundings, havent had that "rush to my camera"  moment, to catch some exquisite detail that is filling me,
until today that is, when i captured these beautiful shots of daddy and son watching a video


Today these moments made

Monday, February 25, 2013

A skirt for Imani

I found this little black cotton ruffle skirt, super simple, 
and decided to embellish it with crochet trim

blanket stitch to start,embroidery cotton, and trying to find the time to actually do this!
happy tuesday

Ocean Fairy

I would say that winter is not the season of my inspiration, by the time february and march are here 
i wait for one thing alone:
Thankfully I have collected some sweet moments like these ones to see my heart through

may the memory of salty ocean breezes see you through your winter week
happy monday! 
(is that an oxymoron?)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Grandpa Panama

Some mornings I wake up with a dull aching of missing this man, grandpa Fue, our "grandpa Panama", my wonderful father in law, Steve's remarkable father.
Here he is with his grandbaby's, the ones we have given him (he has 9 more)

                                                       cat nap with Malawi,

and here with Steve's littlest brother, his late in life baby, 
the cutest ever

Grandpa Panama is the kindest, most just and fair, level headed, intelligent and moral man I have ever met.
He can also cook like nobody's business, his touch in the kitchen is sublime.
I have often said one of the karmic reasons I married my husband was to be able to be close to him  too.
I regret the time our family spends apart from him, because grandpa's arn't forever.
We miss you so much Grandpa Fue!
ps:  what are you cooking today?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just One Of Those Days

Yesterday was just one of those days, when there is no flow at all,
when my kids wake up bickering before the sun has fully risen, and continue to fight, argue, nag pester squabble harass torment wrestle bother and annoy each other ALL DAY LONG.
A day when the baby has his oh, I dont know, 14th cold of the season? and has snot just running down his face all day long,  and an ugly hacking cough,  assuring me I will be in for another brutally sleepless night.
A day when the weather hangs grey and heavy, waiting for snow that isn't coming, and I have stopped believing there will ever be anything living and green outside ever again.
A day when I ask myself over and over why we arn't jumping ship and moving to my husbands little green island in the sun (although on most good days I know the answer to this query)
A day when in response to Zion asking me if he can spend his entire day playing wildkratts on my computer he writes me THIS on a pretty Valentine, lol

can you see the tiny scratched "I hate you" on his pretty Valentine? good times.....
Then something shifted, mainly in hubby arriving home from work, and the pretty white snowflakes starting to come down, and me escaping to Target where I shopped my cares away, and then home again for a cozy dinner with the snowflakes swirling down, and then my lovely wonderful children
AAh, hubby and me movie time, peaceful and quiet, except wait! 
I hear the baby coughing and wailing in the other room......
Happy thursday

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


 I love celebrating my kids heritage with some beautiful braids, in Panama its is effortless, 3$ and 1/2 an hour on a  plastic chair  at a makeshift salon under someone's cool house floor and voila!  different story up north, where I finally had to watch a u-tube tutorial to get them right!
here are some  of their styles over the years.




Malawi gets a tiny top knot, his day is coming too!

When I look at these pics I see a LOT OF WORK, and some patient kids!
have a great wednesday