Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cloudy, muggy moody

The  kids have been very good during this moving and madness.
Yesterday we just stayed home, putzed around, put things away, and the kids, feeling finally the safety to let go, with mom and dad around to carry them, were moody. cranky, mean, pestery badly behaved, exhausted, sad and just generally "off" and out of whack.
how fun for us.
We took them to the park, and Imani whined non stop about her sand castle not working out,
Zion tormented Malawi,
and Malawi was naughty.

  This is Zion looking at the mosquito larvae in our water fountain, check out his bottom lip. it spells disgust

Such is family life,
we did our best with them, then came home and collapsed, i seem to recall hubby locking himself in the basement with the music on, lol.
I have a name for what ailing us all, its called:    EXTREME FATIGUE.
Happy sunday

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mini flower paintings

About 2 months ago, during the nail biting waiting game of closing on a house, I started to decorate and plan our new space in my head as a way to give myself patience and courage.
Not usually one for floral things, I decided to paint these 4 little canvases for the sun room I was dreaming of, who knew they would end up in a totally different place?  and happily so

On a sidenote, can you believe how many white walls are all around us?
It is my attempt at "growing up" and acting more tasteful, we shall see how long that lasts
Happy Friday!
Its killer hot here.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A little sad

To be moving, among the joy of new beginnings and new possibilities, comes the loss of the comforting and familiar. We have lived for 6 years in a place were my children ran almost free, free to roam into others people's un-fenced yards and pick flowers, free to cruise around on their bikes and scooters, where lots of little children mingled, and people don't have much money, which creates community in it of itself. 
We will miss lots and lots of things,
that just could not be remedied here, and our children are only getting bigger.

                        goodbye  dinner on a blanket in the yard
                               I will miss this rosebush, which blooms every year on my mothers birthday

Onwards and upwards!  today is moving day,
and I hope who lives here next will enjoy it as much as we did.
Happy tuesday

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our house, a few (hundred) shots

 Finally! I take out my camera instead of my tools and cleaning supplies!
Here is the boys bedroom, missing Zions bed on the right, but you get the idea :

 beautiful aspen trees outside ther window
 Imani;s room is a light shade of peach, but in this pic with the setting sun it turned this glowing pink
 Dining room

paper mache'd light switch covers
the sun room, soon to be filled with shelves,plants and who knows what else?

                                    kids table

 the garden:  in here is basil, parsley, lots of sunflowers, strawberries, sage, cucumbers, zucchini's and sorrel for my Z, who loves to pluck and eat the leaves

  roses in the front,  and our mailbox
 found this little enamel shelf for 5$ at a garage sale, an ugly dark green, I spray painted it turquoise, and a tiny armchair for the kids
 The playroom, its is the size of half our old house, WOW

 Behind this curtain my friends, is a little yellow room with the washer drier, NEATLY HIDDEN
 There is this perfect little bushy nook in the yard, Imani dragged her little red chairs there, and sometimes her brother joins her, they even have a pretend doorbell made of leaves
 Giant buckeye tree that dwarfs our picnic table is fantastically shade giving, and the garden shed door I painted red

 chicks and hens, so happy these succulents, among the rockbeds
new Catalpa tree, housewarming present from uncle Toby

 driving out under beautiful colorado skies
Those who saw this place when we bought it will find it unrecognizable (mom) 
but hubby and I know the exact toll it took to get it to this point, 
and so I congratulate myself, and him, for  the amazing amount of work and love that went into 
getting this home ready for our family
a giant thank you as well to all the friends and family who have helped tremendously along the way
here is to many dinner parties, playdates (we can finally host!) and
 happy years to come!
Happy Monday