Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

The kids painting feathers for our place settings

We had a wonderful nourished time with our family, 
blessed and full all around!
Hope you did too.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Double digits

                                                                    TO ZION, ON HIS TENTH BIRTHDAY:
                                                                          -10 things I like about you-

1: You are a boy, I wished for a baby boy so badly when I first felt you move in my belly, so glad I got YOU.

2: You are kind, you have a compassionate kind heart.

3:You are beautiful, with your curly bouncy hair that defies gravity, your cinnamon skin, and your strong, healthy little body.

4: You are funny, and you understand funny things. No one laughs harder then you, til tears stream down your face sometimes!

5: You are musical, who knew? we love listening to you play an instrument, you have a natural touch, and ear.

6: You are strong and coordinated and have great balance, weather swimming, riding your bike or scooter, sailing, playing soccer, or riding the blue waves on your surfboard! 

7:You are calm and patient, you have always always been like that, since you were a baby,  that makes you such a great  little traveler.

8: You are a very good friend. When you love someone you are generous, dedicated and loyal.

9: You love animals and are a natural born scientist, interested and wise about the natural world around you, you know many facts. 

10: You are brave, even with things that scare or worry you, you always push through.

Zion, my hope for you is that you become a wise, happy grownup who finds out what your heart loves to do in this life and does it, that you always remain true to your family and friends,kind to people and animals, and that you may travel a lot!

Love always,
 your mama.