Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial day weekend

We spent the weekend doing honey-do lists, like finally putting up curtains to cover the closet mess, cleaning and ridding out, Also we lucked out and had a lovely party with family on the one day of semi sun in a long time. It was delicious food, and grand family time had.
finally getting to use these flea market handwoven tea towels, for warming tortillas!

the cousin's dolls having their own party
key lime pie...

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend too,
On wards to week ahead!
Happy tuesday

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Plants: a jungle inside, and rainy days

It has been pouring rain for a month, I could swear we are back in Panama, though even there it doesnt rain this much. Life feels like it has been on hold, the planting, gardening, hiking, pulling out of warm weather clothes is all waiting for spring and summer to come back.
I have been spending time in the sunroom, as it is just the right warmth in there, and enjoying the green both in and out. The kids have been painting.

the beautiful unfurling of a new palm leaf, in so many shades of green

Happy weekend

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bits and pieces

Selfies before date night with the Hub, on our way to watch brazilian dancing and drumming

I had the best mothers day I can remember, they let me sleep in, oh heavens to that!
and arrived triumphantly in my room carrying this little present they had picked out with their dad, all wrapped in drawer contact paper, lol, what killed me is they all wrote their names, even malawi (kind of looks like Mcguckins)
mani's beautiful card, it had a 3D heart in the middle
Zi's: there we are
Zi made me this rose out of beeswax, but the best part? he decided to unload the dishwasher and wash all the dishes in the sink, hurray to my boy taking initiative and growing up, helpful and kind
the babies drag these little doll pillows ALL over the house, its their job, dear gawd.
 pretty snack
pulling over to see this rainbow after the rain, oh Colorado skies
zi's cello recital
this dumpling
garden almost planted, baby kale on the rise
tomatoes and things
greening up
new " for reading under the buckeye tree" swing
I painted this lion for the boys room, debating weather I like working with acrylics

(( Happy Thursday ))

Friday, May 8, 2015

Walker ranch

This virtually untouched relic of our pioneering past sits in a peaceful valley outside of Boulder,
it was like stepping outside of time to arrive and see the valley and old buildings shrouded in mist and fog. It was so incredibly still and peaceful I was fantasizing of a life of milking cows and cooking over a wood stove..with no one else around for miles

the beautiful old barn

handwashing clothes and passing them through an antique wringer
the view off flagstaff 

What a treat to spend time with this lovely class and get to experience life as it used to be.
It felt so right in my bones somehow.

Happy friday