Friday, March 27, 2015

Babies: one week 2 days

Oh goodness its good to run home from school to kiss the kittens, with their soft round tummies full of milk, and their tiny blind squeeks!
this little grey boy is just starting to open his eyes

 Looking forward to the fun ahead, when they're not just nursing and sleeping!
                                                               Happy Weekend

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A few new

When we got back from Panama this last trip, I printed our favorite island photos in cool matte square prints. I have been wanting to find a way and place to display them, I always forget that while I am often revisiting all our photos and images on my computer,the children are not, and I was wanting them to have visual reminders of their beautiful life and other home. I used this poplar strip and hot glued small clothes pins onto it, then hung it up in the hall, every morning when they skip by they squeal, "starfish! limes! mango's! cashew fruit! and then they are reminded.

new fish hook succulent , very cool
felt balls on Zion's door
frames and plants on my new green desk
I asked Steve to make me a floating shelf above my desk, I had been wanting one so badly, lucky wifey that he always complies
this girl kitty with her tummy full of kittens
the plants in our bathroom are the happiest, all that mist...
new shower
river rock shower floor, feels so good on the toe's

Happy tuesday

Sunday, March 15, 2015

More prints and patterns doodling

Had some time to doodle with liquid watercolors while my family was readying the garden for spring planting, Sugarpeas! it has been so warm and springlike.
Sometimes when I doodle I imagine myself commissioned to create fabric patterns for giant chain stores, then we are rich, and we pay off our house and travel around the world.
The End.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Art for an adult world

I received a big order recently, well two orders from a Brooklyn designer .
It is for a giant wall art installation, I hope to get to see pictures of it someday.
In the meantime I feel blessed to have someone tell me 
"just use your amazing creativity"  and then pay me to do so.
Amen to that.

Happy weekend