Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another year's wrap up. Good bye 2015!

Boy oh boy, another year's end. Amazing.
They say as you get older time goes faster, and I couldn't agree more.
Its been a quick, and interesting year, some things have changed, and some have stayed the same.
Most of all, as I browse through photos of our year, trying to choose the 2 token photos that best sum up each month, I find handmades: picture after picture after picture of beautiful, time consuming, elaborate, fun, inspiring, colorful, inventive things made by our little hands,
and as I look at each creation, I can see in my mind a day, a time, a feeling, a memory of what was going on around us when that particular thing came to be, and so they too, symbolize a moment in time from each day, each month,of this full year. 
For this wrap up, I give you our collective creations, hardly all of them, as i can think of many things not photographed,  orders that were made and shipped, stock built for fairs, things made to fill the stores, beautiful things made at school, and more..
 I also can't help but think about all the other things our hands helped make : gardens, beautiful things planted, weeded, watered and tended to.  Meals, hundreds of them  put together and shared, hours painting houses,  boo boo's mended, dwelling cleaned, really I could go on and on about the labor of love that goes into building a life, a busy full one with children.
Here are some of the things we made this year.

I am wishing you all a truly *blessed*new year, 
may your hands stay busy!  
and your hearts stay happy.