Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Another year in pictures

And another full year has passed us by....
we made new counters and a backsplash
and bird wings
she lost her first tooth!
and baby M turned two.
he got a gorgeous hand knit sweater
we took a trip to the hot springs, and rode 
 horses at Mels farm
we made valentines
and paint chip hearts
and sweet morning faces with tassel necklaces
had a watercolor painting party
I took selfies
Z made a gorgeous knit Lyon
and it was the polar vortex winter...
MARCH (panama, FINALLY!)
and APRIL (more panama! )
my sewn book
family ♥
Lilacs bloom
driftwood art
May Day at school and a stylish baby
a visit to the apple orchard
made: tassel garlands and flag buntings
smelling the May roses
So green..hiking Sanitas
the teepee came out for the summer
last day of school bliss
Imani's bohemian 7th birthday party
green summer yard
we get the birdies
hot days and a new swing
watercolor paper and tassel pillowcases
peonies and the pool
park fun with daddy
farm stand flower picking
landscaping the front yard
summer walks and a camping trip
First day of school!
dreamcatcher and a bucket of Zinnias
family mountain tubing
making applesauce

fall visit to the mountain cabin, making grape juice
the blue wall photoshoot (my fave!)
wave painting and more fall
crochet snake, and the opening of my Etsy shop!
fall photoshoot with Katie
made: her own doll designs, and God's eyes
and Halloween fun

Zions fantastic tiger
Leaf mask
tassel garland
crochet birdies
Imani learns to knit
bird prints
winter walks
 and thanksgiving family shot
advent and gingerbread
scalloped buntings and blocks
a new bunny!
and my favorite little people on Christmas day

Aah, what a lot of work putting that all together, and witnessing it all too.
 I chose to use photos and content from my blog for easier referencing, but of course there were just so so many more millions of moments that comprised our year, tip of the iceberg, so to speak
 Full full full, so much beauty and busyness! it makes me tired...

Happy NEW YEAR to come everyone, I wish you all so very very well,