Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New yard, a few pictures

I have been thinking about taking all those nifty "before" and "after" shots of our house as we go along...but the truth is I am too horrified by the before, too much work, things in too bad of shape, just have to put our heads down and plow along.
The one place of solace for me right now is the yard, although it is neglected, the grass dead,  the dirt dry, and in need of about 100 bags of compost to amend the soil  (which believe it or not i am doing)
There is still a peaceful breezy sweetness out there, with lots of little birds chirping.

Favorite thing about the yard, amazing healthy, shade giving Aspen trees in the front
Plants for the sunroom
someone at some point loved this yard, there are beautiful flagstone rock beds everywhere, 
I just get to fill them!

I collected and painted these little birdhouses for this very purpose

Massive arched Forsythia bush
Imani helping me plant
Flox? not sure what these beautiful flowers are yet
Fairy gardens

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Imani's preschool graduation

On exactly this day last year, Miss Imani was graduating at her little preschool
I remember that it was a breezy May day, and that I was exhausted, leaving for Panama 2 days later, and with a brand new baby
I somehow intuited to match her dress to the colors of the streamers!

 Sweet sweet sweet, I love these shots
                                   and what a big girl now, one year later....
                                  Happy Friday!

New House

Sooo, we have bought a house.
A real honest to goodness brick and cream colored house, with awful green trim, and a fantastic yard.
We have never owned or lived in a real house as a family, except our cool wooden house in stilts in Panama, which is more like a cabin really.
We have also bought a fixer upper, a home that needs lots and lots and lots of work as we are discovering, although mostly we knew this already (did we? sigh..)
Hubby and I go from madly excited to the point of insomnia, planning our new life therein, to shocked and depressed with each new development of work or repair needed.
"Emotional process" doesn't even begin to describe our ups and downs.
What I am discovering:

-Where there is a Will there is a Way. These words have never rung truer.

-How physically sedentary I had become, as I lie in bed feeling every muscle and tendon sore from the unexpected use of everything, digging, gardening, turning over a garden, endless lifting,
it hurts oh so good, I am getting stronger and more fatigued by the day.

-How utterly impossible it is to get anything done with 3 little kids including a baby, the more I try and do, the needier they become, oh the frustration of it, as I fantasize about giving them away for
JUST ONE MONTH so hubby and I can

-Just how much money is needed for every little detail, every little nail,
and every little handy man.

-How amazing it is to go and work on the house kids in tow, because there is no tv, no electronics, no toys, nothing much of anything out there at all, and yet they all beg to skip school to go out and help, they putz around behind me, mostly getting in my way, or creating small disasters like digging holes in the yard and stomping on my baby basil plants (Malawi)
they feel very accomplished and helpful at the end of day. (And I sheepish about the amount of yelling and scolding that has taken place, though they don't seem to mind.)

-That I have strangely zero desire to blog or photograph, wondering why that is?

-That hubby and I can ONLY DO SO MUCH. Which we are not really internalizing at all, as we push ourselves to inhumane limits trying to keep up with everything everyday.

-That we are so lucky to get this opportunity, and that we will probably spend the rest of our days getting the house just right. Does that thought give us patience? not at all, you should see my to-do list for next week.

-That I hate cooking more then ever, yet crave warm nourishing homemade meals at the end of a long hard busy day. I think I would happily sacrifice one of the children for someone to cook for me.

Lastly, my blogging is seriously lagging, but please keep checking, as I plan to start documenting our process soon, (hey, THE ENTIRE HOUSE is one giant diy project, yippee!) I plan on doing this as soon as I have an extra hand that is not holding a baby on one hip, a garden hoe and texturizing brush and pliers in the other.

Now if I could just figure out how to install the toilet......
This little felt house?
Didn't do it, haven't done a craft in weeks!
Happy thursday
we have owned our house for exactly one week today .

Monday, May 20, 2013

Dance Recital: Hidden Treasures!

Imani has been working hard learning the choreography for a piece in her ballet and tap class, 
it all culminates with a little dance recital at the end of the year, what buzz and excitement! (and worry? in Imani's case) It was very cute, and she and the other girls did amazing

Thanks to Studio D Boulder and her Teachers, 
Miss Diana and miss Emma for all your hard work.
Also a special thank you to auntie and Godmother Cate for coming to the show, baby in tow!
We love you, 
and have a great Monday everyone

Friday, May 17, 2013

A perfect May day

Yesterday was a beautiful May day at the kids waldorf school,
it was a special day, Imani's birthday celebration (one month before her real birthday,which falls when school is already out for the summer) and it was quite the celebration!
it was also may pole day for the kindergarden.

Imani dressed and ready to go!

my new white clematis
this is the amazing and delicious cake the children made together for her the day before
birthday candle ring, one for every year, 6!
this silk marionette was made and gifted to her special by her teacher
how wonderful is that?
birthday place setting, she got to decorate it herself

Imani and Aiyesa, 
Brazilian - Panamenian besties
May pole dancing, ♥  does Imani look thrilled or WHAT?

What a day!
and it continued, because later that day we bought a NEW HOUSE!!!
more on that later....
Happy friday indeed, is there any other kind?