Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

Let me preface with the fact that at this point in the day my kids had been sugar high for hours,
 then crashed,
and were not in the slightest amenable to having their pictures taken.....
check out their pretty outfits and their scowls:

you may also notice that these bushes that last year were covered in white blossoms,
this year were bare, 
that's why i had made these tissue paper flower garlands,
 i think ahead!

as good of a fam shot as we were gonna get!


not sure where the rest of our children were at this point....?
Happy Easter!
and another one down....!

Baskets and finding eggs

Morning started today at the crack of dawn
the Easter bunny always leaves pretty new plates and placesettings on Easter morning!
 Imani's basket

 Zion's ♥
 and Malawi's!
the Easter bunny around here hides the eggs we have dyed
and the kids get to find them all!

baby M kicking around some plastic ones

baby M's new soft bunny, and tasting a hard boiled egg, shell on....

Happy Easter!
we will be going to CURE farm for a yummy lunch and another hunt
stay tuned for cute Easter outfits!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bunny masks and other things

Imani my creative little one had fun painting these bunny masks!

and coloring these bunny drawings
her brother joined her

Modeling her pretty masks!

Tomorrow is EASTER! you can bet these little ones are getting pretty excited