Friday, September 25, 2015

Working on: a few randoms

A lot of tid-bits, bear with me
Imani made these God's eyes to sell at the fair (I know, she might as well take over my shop, right?)

starting to bring plants inside, :( where will they all fit?
perpetual signs of hand work in progress
this guy in his tribal cool
Working on building stock between orders. 
These 100% linen cloud mobiles with felt raindrops are always 
available in THE SHOP
I was hallucinating raindrops after a few days straight of working on these.
If you or someone you know is having a baby,this is a perfect addition to a nursery, or a delightful little room decoration for a bigger child too

Have a great weekend.
Also: I am on Instagram more and more these days, find me at 3KIDSANDCOLORS (ig handle)

Also: Musing mama, a wonderful mother , psychologist and fellow blogger, who runs a website about raising multicultural/ multiracial children in a race conscious world, ran a little piece on our family yesterday.
You can check that out HERE 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Dip dyed gold tassels and driftwood wall hanging

I have been working on some new pieces, with more of a Bohemian home dec. feel, 
more home, less kids , boo
Still tweaking out the details, but I thought i'd share.
This wall hanging is ready to go and listed, beautiful soft ombre dip dyed wool tassels, with jute twine and driftwood from the Colorado floods.
Find it HERE

a work in progress, this one
and the bohemian dream catcher which of course I have been making for a while and can be found 

A thank you to my little kid and plants models
Happy friday

Monday, September 7, 2015

Plant and homelife

I am loving the i-phone photography so much more then my camera, it is a struggle to be using it at all... I dont get the colors quite right.
Here goes.
Evening golden hour on the plants

kitchen sink/windowsill at sunset
this is the crazy brain of an artist,
 seeing beauty in a rumpled un-made morning bed
random but THIS: 
the Anna Hibiscus books, its like we feel there was finally a childrens book made for us,
that's Anna and her mommy! kinda looks like us.
and her mommy and daddy, in the ocean non the less! love it so much.
Zi worked hard making a little boat
new rug
making handmade pompoms for this basket that will hold lego's
Idba, best kitty in the world

working on this ducky prototype,  a baby/nursery toy
doodling with watercolors and sharpie pens in the morning, quietly before they all wake up and find me...


Happy labor day