Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sagacious selfies

I have a hard time turning the camera on myself, but I heard a great quote the other day
that changed that, on this sunny morning of february 25th 2014.

"You will never be as young as yesterday, or as old as tomorrow"

So here I am too
Happy thursday

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Home again

Its so random what I photograph anymore..
.here is a collection if random shots from home.
Our lemon tree, we finally made lemonade.

changed the playroom wall again, I really wanted a place I could display the kids artwork
thats a self portrait of Zion and I, isnt it amazing?

this is a home with kids, just a dinosaur on a window sill.
our pretty dishtowels caught my eye
A Mola, a sewn art form from the kuna indians of Panama, anytime I see one I think of home.
Flea market find, this one
couldent resist this little wooden car, or its delightful passengers
neither can baby M
hubby put up my thrift store find shelves(finally)I painted them the lightest shade of blue,and gave them different brackets

Imani begged cajoled and pleaded until she got me to make her this winter fairy marionette
Waldorf people will understand... lots of magical puppet show's being put on!
THIS sunrise
THIS nap.

Happy wednesday  xox

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sleepy eyes and a tassel necklace

If I get to snap a picture of my kids at all anymore it is usually in the morning, in the mad rush to get them ready for school, with hubby  in the background telling us he's going to be late for school like 400 times.
I have been slightly obsessed with tassel jewelry lately, and just made my first piece for this girl

this is a tassel headpiece, you cant really tell...

Imani, definitely half asleep here

Thats all I got!

Happy tuesday, I like tuesdays.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Some good news

We have some kind of big news around here~
I'll let Imani tell it best with her picture of our little green house near the waves, and of that coconut tree they so love to climb....(in case you were wondering, that's out wood starircase on the left, and thats exactly how it all looks!)

below is what we cant wait to be eating, fried jack, salad, coconut rice and fried sweet plantains. Panamenian style.

Believe it or not in the 2 years since I have been blogging, we have not gone back to Panama, so I am thrilled to have this blog,  a perfect vehicle to share the amazing place, family and experiences that make up our other half.
Please be sure to keep checking in, 
oh, and wish me luck on our 7 hour layover in Miami.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


My beloved camera is in the shop, getting a complete overhaul and a tune-up,
this of course is making me want to blog and photograph madly...
Please bare with me as I keep you entertained with beautiful photos I did not take,
and beautiful art I did not make!
Happy tuesday

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy love day

This is what Imani made for her Valentine Henry, 
each child picked another child to give one to.
Its wood (cause boys like wood) its painted oh so sweetly,
 i kept trying to bribe her to give it to me and to
"just make another one for Henry" but she wouldent have it.
Hope you really, really love it Henry (you better).

Z made 10 of these, one for each classmate and his teacher, they are very cute
some gratuitous Valentines shots, 'cause I thought this girl looked pretty as a picture

and this is me, saying: I love you all, dear friends and family!"

Wishing you a lovely love filled Valentines,
hubby told me he is going to buy me a pair of socks, 
'cause the ones I was wearing have holes in them.
How romantic.
Happy Friday!