Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Re-entry, and barely springtime

We thought we would sweeten the hard re-entry by getting some baby chicks, 
well we where planning on it all year actually, but the timing was right.
The kids are smitten, there are 5, they are all girls, and they all have names.
This lovely storm greeted us, much to hubby's chagrin
from sunshine to shoveling
snowpants, and ready to go back to school (kinda)
we had our own little egg dying party, very gaudy colors, but hey, whatever they wanted! its what happens as they grow older
 this girl had been practicing her lines for the play back in Panama, 
Joseph the dreamer, she was Levi
rare photos,  Easter morning
oh my, its a real one!
egg hunting at frog belly farm
and a few snapshots from home
Zi painted and wove this basket, and planted grass seed, so beautiful
Imani spring decorated
the chicks first day outside
he was not impressed

Happy tuesday

Friday, March 11, 2016

How to put words to these tastes, smells, feelings and experieces we are living? 
this is the newest cousin, couple of weeks of weeks old Jeshua. His little curly head...
beautiful children
hubby, his brother zi and his cousin took off at dawn to go dive for conch shells too eat, kind of breaks my heart,
but I asked to keep the shell after the meat was taken out to cook
cool wooden panama puzzle we found in Almirante, the nearest port town, when we went to visit Steves sister
a real life messy, peaceful morning off our deck. Those are flowers scattered all over the table
the faces he makes when i try to photo him
out the kids bedroom window, view to our yard
yard and kids playhouse
our adopted pigeon, who runs to us looking for food from our fingers when she sees us, she doesnt yet know she can peck he ow food, she thinks the kids are her parents
cool evening heading to bocas for dinner
my family catching a boat, because you know: #no cars
running into cousins and auntie on the street
little methodist church on the island
The school, I love that Panama's national shield says : pro mundi beneficio, for the good of all
and on the wall these wooden plaques made by the kids:
solidarity,love, friendship, justice,tolerance,responsibility etc
sweet caribbean houses
this little abandoned granny house with sorosi vine growing out the windows moves me
our neighbors nutmeg trees (nottin egg)
I found some
our favorite wonderful old neighbor Gerald
evening boat cruising after a beach day
Solarte island