Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dinner alfresco

 Hot dogs, potato salad, corn, marshmallows, ice cream, cousins, panning for gold, laughter, the mountain rangers coming to investigate our campfire, getting out of suburbia for a change, togetherness

Saturday, June 27, 2015

"So what have you been making?"

If I am not getting asked that question I am hearing it asked inside my own head.
Oh, I answer without speaking, you mean besides beds, and meals and all that goes with having 3 children home for 11 weeks straight and a husband who is working crazy summertime hours and is barely home?
 here in fact are a few things we have been making:

I made them playdough:  they made me birthday cakes
a gratuitous shot of the sunroom, you always need that
I slipped in some watercolor time i'm not sure when

 a playdough nest
She made herself this necklace, ALONE, and let me tell you if there is one thing I cannot do its jewelry
that's her and her papa, a card for fathers day. The leg length is about right i'd say
Malawi's card: "dad I love you so from hand to toe"

and what has been occupying my days. mountains and fountain of blocks, I am trying to build up stock for the fall/winter, It has been all encompassing, I cant seem to do anything else except for you know, the feeding the children thing)
inspired by the geometric designs, and using the same color palette, Imani made me this "abstract art" painting.
I love it

ready to be put away in these boxes
I have been trying my hand at branch weaving, it is interesting, and I like the use of natural fibers and found wood, time consuming though

another gratuitous shot: 
our new bathroom rug, because that's a big boy peeing standing up,and I love the colors so
early morning bathroom
And lastly fashion friday!
he dressed himself

Happy weekend