Monday, May 16, 2016

Foggy spring walk

It always rains here in May, yet every year I keep expecting sunshine and blue skies.
We took a little hike up our favorite valley trail, after breakfast. 
I breathed in the cool moist air, observed the collective re-birth of thousands of new buds and leaves,
and reminded myself to cherish this coolness, remembering dry parched summertime in Colorado.
Happy Monday

Thursday, May 5, 2016

This and that

My good, bestest, most favoritest camera is broken, and the colors on this one have not been inspiring me to take many photos. 
99.99 % of my shots now take place on my i-phone, and if I could figure out a way to import them here I would.
Non the less, some snaps of the last week.
Chikkies are big now, funny how that happens, they are still so sweet and docile, man I love chickens, always does our entire family. More so when they will start laying eggs! :)
There are many little weekly events to keep up with, like soccer practice (at the other end of town)
cello, piano, recitals and plays, etc. Proud of Zi in soccer, he's good  at it just like his papa.
amidst the businessI sit in the yard and smell the free perfume of the lilac bush...mmmh
their  hilarious play, I mean I was laugh/crying through it
we are supposed to be in the process of a room makeover for both big kids, but we can't settle on colors. 
This girl did get an amazing hand made with river reeds from the Ganges, chair!
and a plant and a real kilim wool pillow from Turkey
May means tulips
I was tapped to make salmon for Zi's play, Loki and Thor, it was such a fun departure to just let y imagination free to cut, sew , stuff and paint these
and all the while I am makin. Weaving is obsessing me at the moment
loving my little loom, all real wool and roving, and geometric patterns
I mean look at this shot: do you see what I mean about the colors/light of this camera? this was a vibrant room with lots of light, phsssh
more weavings. Obsessed.

Happy thursday