Tuesday, April 30, 2013

An apparition in Coral

Around the same time I discovered the painted bird wall, I spotted these wooden garage doors,
they have been painted in the prettiest shades of soft pink
They made me think of my girl , and of this beautiful dress.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Re-cap

Here is what happened in our home over the weekend.
We got a new fish, a female blue betta fish, a companion for Eel Francis.
Imani got to name her, and so it is Butterfly Francis,
and that, friends, is what happens when you let a 5 year old girl name a fish.

baby M gave his parents small heart attacks by doing THIS 
every chance he got.
it seems we are going a little slap happy with the paint, Imani helped her dad paint the old rocking chair too

                                             baby M napped
We took a trip to a plant store, and pretended we were in the jungles of Panama
baby M's belly namesake 
Spring has sprung in the greenhouse, holy flowers! 
and someone is happy

there was more, but right about here I started experiencing technical difficulties  with my 
wish me luck resolving them today, 
and a happy monday to you

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Picking Mangoes

do you know that Raffi song?
"Sambalele is a show off, threw a stone at a mango, mango stayed up, stone fell down on his head, Sambalele is at home in bed! "
I always sing that in my head when we go mango picking on my husbands island.....
 These are hundred year old trees, and they bear once a year, around july:


Hubby has been "pelting" down mango's his entire life, now my kids get to learn how its done, and when I see this, I think they must be
and those Mango's taste straight from heaven

Friday, April 26, 2013

Bird wall

I first noticed this wall a few weeks ago, it was painted here in town by an avid birder, and is so beautiful, a perfect spring backdrop 
Although it was a semi overcast morning, Miss Imani was complaining about
the sun in her eyes
that explains her somewhat "tough" look here (aka, squinting)
                       I LOVE her range of expressions.
                       I LOVE (and envy ) her wardrobe.
 I LOVE spring.
I LOVE birds.
I LOVE this girl.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mother and daughter

 Once upon a time there was a sweet late September morning by a pond I grew up swimming in,  with the Colorado fall colors just perfectly golden.....
 Days like these I sure feel lucky to get to live here, and to be this girl's mama

wishing you too,  a golden thursday