Sunday, December 30, 2012

Weekend recap (sort of)

Since I have basically been holding a sick feverish and fussy baby for the last 4 days, i'm sorry to say the camera hasn't come out very often, and thats a good thing, as there wasnt too much to see or report.
This is after all WINTER, the deadest, most uninspired time of the year, but also the time to hunker down and rest to recharge our forces, do less and surrender to the boredom and quietness, and I have been trying to do just that.

Zion captured this shot of what his mama has been doing lately.....sigh, that would be a sick baby boy refusing to be put down for any reason

  Imani and I did manage to make a snowman, and Naiima got on her jacket and enjoyed some fresh powder

 Highlight of our weekend, visiting our good friends Robin and Mike at their beautiful new mountain home, taking in this view
 Kids got to play together, happy days
baby M,  feeling better, enjoyed the wood floors and the stairs most of all, he climbed up and down about 500 times
Thats it
today is the very last day of the old year,
 happy monday!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Handknit sweater

 Baby M was gifted this amazing hand knit soft wool sweater for xms by his auntKezia, check out the little elephnt buttons, it is so beautiful ~

Great colors on this baby, and cozy warm, thank you,thank you!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kids present haul

 Kids had a good Xmas this year, its never small enough according to my husband, who can count on one hand the number of gifts he received his entire childhood, and is mostly the better for it.
Here are some stand out ones:

                                                      wool felt pencil case for miss I

                                   beautiful melodic instrument fair trade from Sierra Leone                                 (made with wood scraps and a sardine can, fyi)
Naiima gets a Boba carrier
                                                                    and a high chair
                                               100% wool felted elephant from New Zealand
                              Z made this beautiful beeswax stained glass tree for my window at school
                                                      Bamboo wood plane, very cool
Z gets a fish, an orange Beta, and we name him Eel Francis, just like our old fish I accidentally cooked in tepid water. Better luck this time!
What cool and oustanding xmas gifts did your little ones get this year?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Was a storybook white one this year....Since I am too tired to tell you in words, here is a glimpse of xmas in the Francis home, hope yours was joyous, and that if you re a parent, you too may recover quickly,  lol




                                                                     Is that good Malawi?


Merry Christmas.