Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hand painted geometric bunting or flag garland, on burlap

New in the shop: 
a rustic geometric flag garland or bunting made of individually handpainted burlap flags, strung on natural jute twine.
Find it HERE  

Monday, October 26, 2015

Michaelmas and life hodge podge

An utter hodgepodge.
I have been too busy to photograph much anymore, I regretfully am on instagram more and more these days, I like the quick, easy capture and the filters. I am a sucker and they got me!
So if you are so inclined, find me there at 3kids and colors.
I am also feeling dissatisfied by the color range on my 6d. I feel like I cannot get it right, so have reverted back to my rebel t3 for now, and loving it again.
Below are the 6d shots
the last of the fall flowers-+
stylish cuties on school mornings
visiting cousins in Gold Hill

the harvest festival at the kids school , featuring the exciting (and scary!) dragon slaying

dragon bread
apple bobbing
 the community art project table Penny and I ran, so cool to see all the little kids painting flags

zi was a blacksmith, he enjoyed the makeup for the part

in another life I will be a kids art teacher ;)
oh my goodness my orders were off the hook for Wings, busy times
this girl
another school morning

they made me rose petal salad and flower leaf cupcakes, yum yum
elaborate barns they build, love them all
they made pressed leaves
and decorated all on their own
imani made this garland all by herself, love all their different faces
i've been kind of obsessed by the view out the boys bedroom window
wings wings wings and more wings
the shades of a Sumac, blows my mind every time

The End.
Have a great Monday