Sunday, September 28, 2014


Weather we are ready or not, that time of year is upon us, golden autumn, with the aspen trees dazzling for everyone to see.
It was lovely to soak in the gorgeous colors, warm sunshine, and fresh mountain air

I hope you are enjoying the colors as much as we are. Have a lovely day!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Throwback thursday: And our 9th wedding anniversary

Yesterday was our 9th wedding anniversary, 
which I would not have remembered, if Facebook hadn't so nicely reminded me.
I then proceed to post a little status about it being our 10th, and was kindly corrected by my husband, who arrived home later that day with flowers, uhm, whoops.
We picked up chinese to go, and went and ate it under apple trees and walked around a lake with the children, yup WITH the children,because thats how we roll.
Below are some precious shots for me, some of the only known photographs of us before children,otherwise known as BC, except for the wedding ones, when of course little Zion was already with us.
I was not interested in photography then, had a crappy little film camera that I barely used, and even our wedding was a simple homely little affair, whipped up in a couple days with no glamour but lots of love (potluck, borrowed dress and a homemade cake anyone?)
And I would do it all over again
here's to nine more!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Escape to the mountains

My sister rented a darling cabin over the weekend, and we escaped suburbia to go and visit them along with our mama and brother, it was such a fresh breath to be up there, I didnt realize fall was so well under way in the mountains, and it was one of those foggy, sunny, misty days, with the musty smell of damp falling leaves and earth, so restorative

Uncle Deo and Z, pure joy, they caught a trout! and we ate it right away, delicate buttery white meat...mhh
this beautiful boy
auntie (thats me) brought up an apple pie,hot out of the oven and baked with the neighbors yummy Jonathan apples
this makes me happy, Imani snapped this of her mama sketching in the forest, it was so peaceful
then the girls wanted to try too
nature sketching
Imani and I took a lovely walk alone

Get yee up to the mountains! 
I cannot believe winter is approaching again, 
but fall is on its glorious way
Happy tuesday