Saturday, June 11, 2016

Pom pom drops

 Please excuse the slow exit from my blogging life... i think until I can find a way to upload photos from my phone onto here, the blog will be on impermanent hiatus. My favorite camera is broken, and not worth fixing, because the cost of that would be equal to buying a new one, so here we are. On a Canon Rebel,borrowed from a friend. I have been busy with handmades, so busy.
As always, to see what I have been up to, find me at Uccellino designs on Instagram.
Here is some recent additions to the shop, pom pom and tassel clusters, for your bohemian lifestyle!
These are perfect as key chains, door knob decorations, for adorning purses and beach totes, to hang from your kids teepee, canopy ,playroom, really anywhere you desire a pop of boho color and texture. They are 100% wool and cotton, and even so much more beautiful in person.
Find them HERE
Wishing you a happy summer.

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