Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Finally! I-phone photos

The day has arrived that I have figured out how to upload phone pictures onto my blog. 
I no longer have a functioning camera, and phone photography has become so much easier these days. 
I have missed so many months of blogging because I could not upload photos from my phone. So here is a big catch up.
Lots and lots of work as always:
Dip dyed blue/grey ombre piece with tassels on driftwood
custom order for a gal in texas, pom pom tassel cluster w beads, in warm colors
100% wool modern dream catcher on a wooden hoop w wooden painted triangle
my growing babies
my art camp students beautiful amazing work!
more weavings: black alpaca and mustard wool roving, swoon...
werk werk werk
Imani's homemade birthday cake
our jungalicious dining room
summer shenanigans with the kids

new! and just listed in the shop: watermelon wallhangings
more art camp kiddo's work: painted rocks and dreamcatchers

I am baaack .
Happy hump day

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